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The Adventures of 

Gracie & MonkeyBear

By C.S. O'Kelly

Illustrator: Jordy Farrell

Kirkus Best Books of 2016 (Book 1: Summer) & 2017 (Book 2: Winter), the Gracie & MonkeyBear series celebrates imagination, kindness, and helping those in need! 

From dinosaur excavations to deep-sea rescues, author C.S. O'Kelly and illustrator, Jordy Farrell take us on an adventure for the ages! With beautiful, and often amusing, illustrations, which make us turn the book sideways every now and again, these are stories that grown-ups and kids will enjoy experiencing over and over. A wonderful gift for all occasions. The Adventures of Gracie & MonkeyBear series is unique in every sense of the word and the message of compassion, friendship and empowerment will be enjoyed for generations. Purchase your copy today.


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